Farewell incredible India. :(



The last night of any holiday is always a bit sad. We’ve had our farewell dinner at the “The Chicken Inn”‘, taxied back to the hotel in a wonderful old Hindustan Ambassador. The Ambassador was based on the old classic Morris Oxford, and is the perfect car for both country and city life. I want one – watch this space!
I have so many happy memories that are all stuffed into just ten days. Everything you imagine India to be is true. There’s poverty all around you, but the lack of money doesn’t seem to stifle the forever friendly atmosphere. The Indians take life as they find it and although difficult for us to understand, material objects such as money and mobiles only matter so far. On the entire trip I have never felt threatened or fearful, and in today’s world, that’s pretty rare. We’ve been to places where tourists never venture (due to the bus getting lost on the way to Delhi), and the first reaction from everyone is the same, a smile, then a wave then a welcome. England has lost so much of this attitude to the human race, and we’ve all been touched by the people we have met.
Yes, it’s quite mad too! Cows in the road, elephants going the wrong way down the streets, dogs in jumpers, goats in t-shirts, bikes with three people riding, tuc tucs crammed full, the list goes on. But it’s all great. Our coach window has been a T.V screen looking out onto another world.
And did the Keniston family survive each other? I think we all got to appreciate a little bit more of what we are lucky enough to have. The girls have groaned at my jokes, excused my crass behavior to the rest of the group and hopefully got to see their Dad being what I so much what to be – just a Dad. I love them all and they’ve been wonderful.
And finally, to all those who said I must be mad or very brave to take three girls to India on my own were almost right. Fortunately both madness and bravery are excellent attributes for a crazy tuck-tuck ride round Jaipur! I’d do it again tomorrow.



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