The magic of the Amber Fort




So finally, Polly got to go on an elephant! A ten minute journey up to the Amber Fort. Surrounded by a 20 mile wall, you can’t fail to be impressed by the craftsmanship of the mogul citizens four hundred years ago. This fort boosts an early air conditioning system with water collected in the domes on the roof and then channeled all around the palace.
On the way down, Polly posed for photos with a snake charmer and amazingly, a young Indian photographer had taken pictures of us on the elephant earlier, printed them off, then waited an hour to find us in the fort, and after all that effort, tried to get us to buy them. They were pretty nice photos, so we got all four for 70p!
Coming down the fort we managed to buy, two strings of elephants, two strings of elephant gods, one “brass” water pump and four Sandlewood figurines. We are going to have to get a bigger bag!
On the coach back to the hotel a boy entertained us by making a small coin disappear and then reappear in front of our eyes. He also had the ability to swallow small balls and make them appear again in his mouth, but this time bigger! Ah, the magic of India!


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