I’d be a cow any day


A nice late start this morning, then we ventured out to visit a local school. We drove into a very rural setting, more like a film set from Robin Hood, then an actual living village. At the entrance to the stone school building was the elder of the village, lying comfortably on his day-bed. We were met by the head-teacher who introduced us to the many children aged from 4 through till 12, all sitting on the floor shouting aloud the instructions given to them by their teachers. It was humbling to see the enthusiasm of the children. A brave few stood up and recited nursery rhythms, while the rest repeated verse by verse. The Indian government only gives very limited support to this facility, so the resources available were very poor and the study books used time and time again.
Our group had brought some biscuits with us, so the children single filed towards us and everyone got a little extra that day.
My girls posed for photos and talked to the older children. I gave a short lesson in English using just a tiny piece of chalk. I finished the lesson by showing them the magic dissected thumb trick. Hopefully, with practice they can frighten the life out of their parents later today by performing it too.
We then had a quick walk around the village and learnt many things about the cow, a sacred animal. The village was all Hindu, and all vegetarian, so the cows are treated as family pets and cleaned everyday. Not only do the older cows provide milk, the also provide heating by having their dung dried and made into a pizza shaped fuel log for the fires. The bulls go out into the field to work with the women. It’s not bad being a cow in India. As a final note, apparently drinking the cow’s pee is also a good cure for cancer! I wondered if that was one of the five a day!



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  1. loving the updates Dave, looks like you’re all having fun. Glad you didn’t show the kids your trick with the napkin and kept it clean.

  2. News: Barclays has released an app that enables payments up to £300 at restaurants and such like…. finally tech moves on in UK Kenya has had the system for years

    Yum cow pizza weren’t they the cheapos from Tescos full of protein….
    Smuggle back some bottles of Indian special cowbrew sell it here and call it moonshine !
    Take care

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